The Sales Development Manager’s role is to oversee, support and train the various agents within our company. You will be responsible for interacting with the agents on a daily basis while helping them build their sales skills, increase conversion rates and keep accountable to their goals (both team goals and personal goals). You will be actively recruiting both experienced agents as well as new agents on an ongoing basis. Weekly & monthly reporting on conversion rates, profitability and agent KPI’s will be required.

In addition to working directly with the agents and sales staff, you will interact with both the CEO and the operations manager to ensure that we’re hitting sales and profitability goals. You will play a critical role in creating & updating policies and procedures as needed.

Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to adapt to the needs of each individual agent is necessary. Effective oral and written communication skills, understanding of budgets and strong time management skills are also required. Most importantly, you will have a great sense of humor and will be able to continue building the team culture and a fun working environment.

This is a full-time position. Office hours are 7:30am – 4:30pm M-F. Additional office hours are expected if needed, but some work may be completed from a remote location. Compensation is a base salary plus bonus/commission based upon meeting and exceeding goals

Agent Support & Training:


  • Host morning huddle- 5-minute video conference with daily affirmation, acknowledgment of “wins” & quick run-through of hot sheet.
  • Meet with new agents to work on scripts, teach technology, talk about best practices.
  • Check leads in Boomtown to be sure that agents are touching leads per team policy


  • Run weekly sales meetings with the entire sales team.
  • Hold a minimum of 3 “hours of power” in office. This should consist of at least 30-minute script work prior to 60 minutes on the phone where agents make calls using the specific skills that they just worked on. As the team grows, you can focus each session on a different branch (listing agents, buyer agents, ISA’s).
  • Conduct a minimum of 1 role-playing session each week.
  • Work with leadership to come up with weekly open house schedules and update the team calendar so that agents are assigned as needed.
  • Attend a video coaching call with your coach every week.


  • Schedule bi-weekly 1-on-1 meetings with each agent. 15-30 minutes to discuss current KPIs, goals and current needs.
  • Create a lead rotation calendar and ensure that all shifts are filled (either with an agent or by sending to the ISA).


  • Plan one optional team-building event like a Friday afternoon happy hour
  • Hand out awards for most closings, most signed contracts, etc…


  • Conduct one contest with a prize for the top agent(s). It should be based on production and/or KPI’s.

As Needed

  • Work with TC to troubleshoot any issues that seem to be going on with transactions
  • Attend industry events/trainings with agents as appropriate.
  • Join weekly coaching calls with leadership as needed.
  • Shadow agents at open houses, showings, buyer consults, listing appts & seminars as needed.


  • Weekly report on speed to lead
  • Weekly report on conversion rate
  • Weekly production report with closings, accepted offers and fall out
  • Monthly report on recruiting stats
  • Monthly report on agent profitability
  • Quarterly with the CEO and CFO to assess ROI for all lead gen sources.


Existing agents

  • Identify agents in production who would be a good fit for the team in all markets served.
  • Create and implement long term nurture campaign that will facilitate ongoing interaction. This should include a combination of email, phone calls, in-person meetings and mailed notes/cards.
  • Work Marketing to create and run social media campaigns to attract existing talent in all markets
  • Become active with REALTOR Associations as a way to network with agents.

New agents

  • Consistently run ads to attract talent from other industries.
  • Connect with local real estate licensing schools to obtain lists of people currently going through classes.
  • Stay in on top of new agent onboarding and training for the first 90 days.
  • Work with Managing Brokers to discuss any new agents who may have connected with the office directly.

Additional Tasks:

  • Work with leadership and agents to come up with policies and procedures for lead distribution, lead follow-up, open houses, etc…
  • Work with Steve to create any reports or change technology to
  • Work with marketing to create and run social media campaigns to attract existing talent in all three markets.
  • Become active with REALTOR Associations as a way to network with agents.
  • Attend monthly office meetings.

Job Experience:

  • Has been or is currently a real estate agent with a proven internet lead conversion track record (Required)
  • Knowledge of real estate industry (preferred)
  • Management experience running and leading large teams
  • Past experience with recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding


Base + bonus + Profit share

Negotiable with experience